My Lineup Of Leave-Ins

So I mentioned in another recent post that I use a ridiculous amount of leave-in products in my hair. It took some serious trial and error because my hair is straight, fine and easily weighed down. It's also prone to being oily and so finding products that make my hair magically soft without the extra weight or oil was awesome! So here they are, my (all drugstore!) hair care stars!

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My best friends!

I Spray Painted Bottles and Jars Because Pinterest- And It Worked

As I have mentioned before, I'm getting married next May and am definitely interested in DIY-ing as many aspects as possible, particularly the centerpieces. I have been asking friends and family to start saving glass bottles and jars so that I can experiment and try spray-painting them like the Pinterest picture below... But I wanted to throw all my wedding colors in the mix, not just one color.
15 Wedding DIY Projects for Under $50 #weddingchicks
Link the pinterest here

The Drugstore Hair Product That Became My Favorite Find In Months

I love using leave-in conditioners in my hair. I use them every single time I wash my hair and I think some people find that surprising given I have very fine and very straight hair. Most girls I think are scared of looking greasy but this is completely avoidable if you find the right products and also use the conditioners at the right time.

The Eyeliner That Makes Me Work Too Hard

I love the drugstore and I get the majority of my makeup there. I think especially you can find some really amazing mascaras and foundations! The Tarte foundation that I posted about a few days ago is my first higher-end one. Every time I go into Sephora the sales ladies always ask what mascara I'm wearing. It's always drugstore and they always act so shocked (which somewhat surprises me). Anyways, I heard about a drugstore eyeliner in a blog that I follow and decided to pick it up.... In case the title wasn't give away enough, I really dislike it. (Please keep in mind this is just my humble opinion, if you love this, more power to you!)

How I Conceal My Undereyes

It's not exactly a secret that us nursing students are sleep deprived but entering a patients room with blue bags under your eyes doesn't exactly inspire confidence, so here's how I pretend to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed every single day of my life!
My heavy hitters!

The Two Foundations In My Routine

As a self-proclaimed makeup-junkie, I'm more than a little proud of the fact that I only have two foundations (currently...) that I use. I think they're both pretty great but recently my skin has become more dry so I'm looking to include a foundation with more hydration and a dewier finish. Here are my two:

The Things In My Etsy Cart...

I did it again, I filled my cart on Etsy with things that I cannot purchase at this time as a poor nursing student however, I intend to one day! Since Etsy just keeps your cart forever, I will just leave them there waiting for me!

As a future nurse, I feel I can fully appreciate this mug... As would any other healthcare provider.
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Versatile Blogger Nomination Makes Me Feel All The Feels....

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I just got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Maria, (who is fabulous by the way and you should all read her blog!) and it is making me beam like the little ray of sunshine my father thinks I am! I found the rules here and so I'm just going to follow them because I'm so flattered it's difficult to be creative...

Pinterest-Inspired Hair Color Dreams (Do you have a "Sombre"?)

Does anyone else ever feel burnt out on trying to make their hair pretty? Sometimes I wake up and it's all I can do to throw some dry shampoo in my hair and go. I have naturally very fine, straight hair and it was always dirty blonde until about a year ago when it started to go more brunette... Just like my mom's hair did at my age. Go genetics, am I right?

So I did what most people who are terrified of going brunette do... I got foils. So I've been doing that for about a year now and I love it except for one thing.... The roots kill me. I am very particular about the condition of my hair, meaning it always has to look healthy but also BE healthy. I do many things to achieve this, including hair masks and copious amounts of coconut oil. So when something like ROOTS (rawr) ruins my "I'm a natural blonde" vibe, it drives me nuts. So I have been cruising Pinterest and that led me to the  website for the Ramirez/Tran Salon and, big surprise, I love it all. These are the colors I'm obsessed with getting done to help me maintain the blonde color but avoid the obvious roots....

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This is my front runner!