The Random Items That Make My Life A Little More Awesome

This post is totally random and I'm not sorry because sometimes, it's the little random things you'd never expect that tickle you pink!

The first up is the Neutrogena Hand Cream *- Norwegian formula (whatever that means). I wish the name was a bit more exciting but the product is unrivaled as far as I am concerned. I have truly sad, scaly hands most of the day from washing them during clinical rotations and this cream erases all that damage in one use. I also use it on my face when I get those flaky dry patches during the winter. Oh, and I use it was lip balm.... You can literally use it for anything. The formula is super rich and it does take time to sink in but you only need a pea-sized amount because it is so concentrated! *googly eyes at hand cream* It's love!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Fragrance-Free, 2 Ounce (Pack of 2)
The packaging isn't anything to write home about.... but the formula is!

Does anyone else have a pen obsession? I collect them like it's my job and I think maybe a small part of me thinks that if I invest in a nice pen, my hand writing will become magically better?? Regardless, out of my many pens, these Staedtler * ones are my favorite. I have two packs and the first pack I got four years ago... they don't dry out and they write really well! Plus the packaging is great because you can prop them up! I know its lame but... It makes me happy!
Ray of Sunshine, pens, Staedtler, writing, stationary, colors,
There are a couple missing because I used them all up! That NEVER happens guys

Ray of Sunshine, colors, pens, staedtler, stationary
Staedtler, Ray of Sunshine, pens, stationary, writing, close up
I don't know if you can tell but they have THREE sides... so chic <3
Accompanying my love of pens is my love of stationery and here are my favorite thank you cards! I honestly use them as decoration in my desk organizer because I adore the pattern and colors so much. These were a $4 Marshalls find... score!
Thank you, cards, floral, stationary, writing, Ray of Sunshine, cute
Cute box too!

I am making an effort to drink more tea * because it's good for me and I feel a difference when I drink it instead of coffee. I have many teas but since I am always so sleep deprived, these are the caffeinated ones I find myself reaching for daily. Also, I love the little messages on the Yogi * teas!
Yogi tea, Yogi, tea, mint, vanilla spice, Ray of Sunshine, hot tea, caffeine
The packaging is also just gorgeous :)
I could include about a million more but maybe I'll save that for some other posts! Anyone else find that the most random things make their day?



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  1. I love Yogi Teas so much! You should try the peach detox one, it's really good!


    1. Now I need to get it! It's an obsession! xoxo