Getting started....

We all start somewhere don't we? Everyone has a beginning to their next great adventure, a moment when they make a decision and then pursue that passion or dream. This is my dream, this blog. I hope to make it a place that is lovely to visit and fun to read. Maybe you have a cup of hot tea or a frothy cappuccino and you want to spend those ten free minutes sipping your drink and having a good read. Maybe you feel uninspired and want to read something uplifting or look at a beautiful picture. I want this to be that place!
My favorite mug, courtesy of my sister-in-law! Find it here!

I buy far too much makeup and from time to time, I probably wear too much makeup too! I don't let this stand in my way and I trudge onward and upward to better things. I am ALWAYS looking for the next great beauty item and, of course, no beauty item can be applied well unless the canvas beneath is healthy and beautiful too. So this is my justification for buying way too much skincare as well. All of this culminates in countless hours on beauty and lifestyle blogs, looking for the next great product. This also brought to my attention the fact that even with so many wonderful bloggers out there today, I couldn't always find what I wanted. Instead of getting frustrated, I decided to be proactive and make my own blog!

So here's to trying to fill in the gaps of my constant beauty research and here's to all my future readers who haven't found me yet but hopefully will!



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  1. Welcome! I'm excited to start reading your blog! Love your mug btw :)


    1. Thank you I am excited to have you as a reader!! Mug is from francesca's online if you're interested!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! Looking forward to reading more of your posts:) Your blog layout is so cute by the way!x

    1. Thank you I am very excited to be joining wonderful bloggers like yourself! xoxo