The Two Foundations In My Routine

As a self-proclaimed makeup-junkie, I'm more than a little proud of the fact that I only have two foundations (currently...) that I use. I think they're both pretty great but recently my skin has become more dry so I'm looking to include a foundation with more hydration and a dewier finish. Here are my two:

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation *-
This foundation gets a lot of attention on YouTube and it deserves it. The formula is a thick mousse that blends like a dream and can provide fuller coverage if built-up. I typically only use a small amount of this foundation because I prefer my foundation to be more natural and I don't mind if my skin shows through. However, on days when I really want my skin to look flawless or I know I'm going to have a very long day, I use this guy!
The packing is pretty dang cute too!

2. Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation *-
This is a drugstore foundation and to be honest, it's not my absolute favorite. I think it definitely has merits though and I use it four or five times a week. I honestly liked it more when it was warmer outside because my skin was more prone to become oily and this dries to a powder finish that's perfect on those days. It's a very light coverage so when I'm having a good skin day I reach for this one. I also like it on days when I'm in a rush because I can skip powder- so that's a big bonus as well!

Packaging is not to shabby either, but you'll see below the applicator is pretty strange!
The Maybelline is on top and Tarte on the bottom. I was matched for the Tarte one at Sephora and as you can see, it's a pretty dramatic color difference. It blends out well and matches well except when I'm at my very palest, but I'm definitely going lighter next time! However, you can see the texture differences in the two pretty well!

The Tarte foundation is a squeeze tube and the Maybelline has a very strange applicator wand.

I'm looking for a more dewy foundation, preferably drugstore and I was thinking of the L'oreal True Match Lumi. I used it a few years ago and I can't remember if I liked it! Recommendations?



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  1. I've tried some foundations but I never get the right match! I don't know why but they always make my skin look yellowish. The ONLY product I have used that matches my skin tone perfectly is Clinique's Moisture Surge CC Cream. I was actually planning on buying the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation but I'm afraid it's not going to match!

    1. think if you know your undertones that helps because Tarte has a lot of shades and they say in the description what the undertones are! I got color-matched at Sephora as well and that ends up being a win-win because at the very least, they will give you a ton of foundation samples to try so you know for sure you have the right shade! You could even take your clinique with you to match things against it! I do that in the drugstore all the time- if I know my shade in one, I just carry it around to match up my shade in other brands!

  2. I've been eyeing that Tarte foundation for a year but I worry that it will make dry patches show! I'm like you with wanting a more natural-looking/lighter base and I've really been liking Bareminerals Complexion Rescue. Worth sampling if you have a Sephora or Ulta in town! The L'Oreal Lumi foundation didn't work well for me because my T-zone tends to get a little oily :/

    1. I have been curious about the Bare Mineral product so that's super helpful to know! I think the trick I learned for the Tarte foundation is using a lot less than you think you need, I take a pea-sized amount and dab that all over then blend it, and it doesn't cling to dry patches if I use just a little bit BUT I don't have super dry skin so... I can't really say what it might do for you:) And good to know for the L'Oreal, there's such a fine line between dewy and oily!