How I Conceal My Undereyes

It's not exactly a secret that us nursing students are sleep deprived but entering a patients room with blue bags under your eyes doesn't exactly inspire confidence, so here's how I pretend to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed every single day of my life!
My heavy hitters!

Step 1: Pixi Peach Concentrate: I picked this up on a whim from Target and it turns out that it's amazing at cancelling out the blue under my sad, tired eyes!
Sleep in a super cute pot!
It doesn't seem to help that much.. until you top it with concealer!
Step 2: After this I add the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 15 Fair

This is when you really see the results!
step 3: Then I top it all off by setting my under eyes with the ELF HD powder and voila! I'm done! (It's not really worth including a picture with the powder because it doesn't add coverage, just prevents creasing!) Here's both eyes concealed!

I'm well rested!

How do you all fake a goodnights sleep??



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