The Eyeliner That Makes Me Work Too Hard

I love the drugstore and I get the majority of my makeup there. I think especially you can find some really amazing mascaras and foundations! The Tarte foundation that I posted about a few days ago is my first higher-end one. Every time I go into Sephora the sales ladies always ask what mascara I'm wearing. It's always drugstore and they always act so shocked (which somewhat surprises me). Anyways, I heard about a drugstore eyeliner in a blog that I follow and decided to pick it up.... In case the title wasn't give away enough, I really dislike it. (Please keep in mind this is just my humble opinion, if you love this, more power to you!)

It's the Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner. It was touted as being super dark and easy to apply but I find it to have very little color payoff when applied over eye shadow, which is how I (and I think most people) like to wear eyeliner. This is particularly frustrating because it swatches nicely yet somehow that does not translate on my eyes. It's patchy over eye shadow, requiring me to go over the line multiple times for it to show up. I like the applicator tip itself but the formula is just not pigmented enough for me. I like to wear a lot of eye makeup but I'm lazy and don't want to work very hard on my eyeliner for it show up. Overall, I think this is a product to skip!

Ray of Sunshine, Rimmel, black eyeliner, liquid liner, eyeliner

Rimmel, eyeliner, black, Ray of Sunshine, liquid eyeliner, eye makeup, review

On a more positive note, this means I need drugstore liquid eyeliner recommendations, anyone have some!?




  1. Maybe try L'Oreal Infallible the super slim liquid eyeliner? I almost never wear liquid eyeliner and don't really know how to do it well, but I find that this one is working well for me. (Haven't tried it over eyeshadow though.) The tip of the L'Oreal one looks similar to the Rimmel except that the L'Oreal tip is longer in length.

    1. I've heard good things about that one too! I'll have to pick it up, thanks! xoxo