The Things In My Etsy Cart...

I did it again, I filled my cart on Etsy with things that I cannot purchase at this time as a poor nursing student however, I intend to one day! Since Etsy just keeps your cart forever, I will just leave them there waiting for me!

As a future nurse, I feel I can fully appreciate this mug... As would any other healthcare provider.
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There's no real logical reason for me to love this shirt past my persisting childhood love of unicorns... and t-shirts too for that matter.
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"The Wheatfield" is actually one of my favorite things ever and I always ask for one of the paintings for my birthday or Christmas. I have four other pictures and probably will own them all before I'm done!
Ray of Sunshine, Stop And Smell The Roses - Vertical Print
I'm planning my wedding and I think this may need to be at my reception.... It's almost so cute it could upstage the whole thing!
Ray of Sunshine, blog, wedding,
Let's be realistic here, this could have been about a thousand items longer! How about you all? Any recommendations for this Etsy-lover? I was hoping to try some Etsy makeup soon, has anyone else?



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  1. Replies
    1. I really should cave and get it now.... the number of patients who have told me that exact same thing.... xoxo

  2. ha!! i love the mug and the unicorn shirt. that's officially my excuse for everything!