Who is Allie?
Just your typical makeup junkie! I love YouTube beauty tutorials, beauty/lifestyle blogs and writing! I am currently a nursing student so concealer is my number one secret weapon! I have two rescue cats that are my precious children and I am newly engaged so I may throw in some wedding blog posts as well!

Why "Ray of Sunshine"?
Ever since I was a tiny precocious girl, my daddy called me his "little ray of sunshine" and when I said I was starting a blog and needed a name, it was the title he suggested. When its cloudy where we live, he sends me a text telling me to smile. So yes, he's amazing and for the record my mother is my  inspiration as well. I hope this blog makes you feel warm and sunny!!

How do I contact you?
blograyofsunshine@gmail.com ! If you have ideas, questions, etc  I prefer you ask them in the comments on posts but that being said, I designed/started this blog so that I could interact with the blogging community so contact me! If you are a business or wanting to guest post, please use the email!

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