The Drugstore Hair Product That Became My Favorite Find In Months

I love using leave-in conditioners in my hair. I use them every single time I wash my hair and I think some people find that surprising given I have very fine and very straight hair. Most girls I think are scared of looking greasy but this is completely avoidable if you find the right products and also use the conditioners at the right time.

It sounds weird and goes against a lot of advice that I've read/heard, but I personally prefer to slather a lot of the product in my hair right after it's towel-dried. It seems to soak in better when my hair is still very wet (and also makes detangling a dream!). I'll do a hair care round-up soon with everything else but about two months ago, I realized my hair was sad. Frizzy, dry, dull... the sub-zero temperatures were just sucking the life out of my strands. I read some reviews, which weren't super plentiful, and picked up the Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Shimmering Replenisher. * And it's LOVE.

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It's also super cute!

Let's just say that first-off, this smells amazing! I mean, so good that I had a waitress come up to me and my fiance during a dinner date and tell me that my hair "smelled like the ocean...". I'm not kidding, he still teases me about it to this day!

Organix claims that the "sea kelp transforms dry hair into soft and supple hair, sea minerals replenish the hair, algae repairs split ends, and it's a weightless formula". I normally think product claims are a load of crap but I actually agree that it does make my hair super soft, it does not weigh down fine hair, and it definitely adds a lot of shine! Bonus on this is that it also sprays a super fine mist.

I go nuts with this after I wash my hair! I put in my other conditioner first (yes, I use two...) and then I spray this all over my hair, at least 7-8 times, and then I comb it all through and let my hair air-dry. It's awesome. If winter kicked your hair in the face, then you need this. I'm curious to see if this still works for me once it turns into hot-and-humid summer here!

Anyone else have any leave-ins they love??



(post contains affiliate link designated with an *, all opinions are my own and product was purchased with my own money!)

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