Versatile Blogger Nomination Makes Me Feel All The Feels....

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I just got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Maria, (who is fabulous by the way and you should all read her blog!) and it is making me beam like the little ray of sunshine my father thinks I am! I found the rules here and so I'm just going to follow them because I'm so flattered it's difficult to be creative...

As I mentioned, Maria nominated me (link to her blog above!) and I am very grateful and happy over this. *throws warm rays of sunshine at her* Thank you!

Here are 7 random tidbits about myself:
1. I read about three books a week when my schoolwork load is light, usually young adult fantasy because... DUH
2. I can knit.... not terribly well but it can happen!
3. I am getting married next year!
4. My favorite food of all time is probably just a toasted bagel with cream cheese, with coffee!
5. I have never kept a fish alive longer than a week.
6. I paint my nails three to four times a week because once it chips, I'm out!
7. I debated at the high school level and college level for about 6 years.

Here are 15 bloggers who have stolen my time but ignited my creativity:
1. walk/humbly
2. Beauty & Colour
3. a hundred tiny wishes
4. August Skin
5. Beauty by G
6. Chic Obsessed 
7. Dandelion Blue
8. Eyes Like The Weather
9. Kitty Cotten
10. Miss Whoever You Are
11. The Beauty Of It Is
12. The July Journal
13. Charli-Blogs
14. The Cobalt Chaos
15. Under80s

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