Pinterest-Inspired Hair Color Dreams (Do you have a "Sombre"?)

Does anyone else ever feel burnt out on trying to make their hair pretty? Sometimes I wake up and it's all I can do to throw some dry shampoo in my hair and go. I have naturally very fine, straight hair and it was always dirty blonde until about a year ago when it started to go more brunette... Just like my mom's hair did at my age. Go genetics, am I right?

So I did what most people who are terrified of going brunette do... I got foils. So I've been doing that for about a year now and I love it except for one thing.... The roots kill me. I am very particular about the condition of my hair, meaning it always has to look healthy but also BE healthy. I do many things to achieve this, including hair masks and copious amounts of coconut oil. So when something like ROOTS (rawr) ruins my "I'm a natural blonde" vibe, it drives me nuts. So I have been cruising Pinterest and that led me to the  website for the Ramirez/Tran Salon and, big surprise, I love it all. These are the colors I'm obsessed with getting done to help me maintain the blonde color but avoid the obvious roots....

Ramirez Tran Salon, sombre, blonde, brown, highlights, hair
This is my front runner!

Mister AnhCoTran, sombre, hair, blonde, brown
A bit more blonde than I am now 

Ramirez Tran Salon, sombre, blone, brown, highlights, hair
So so pretty!

What do you all think? I think my only concern is that because my hair is straight, it won't look nice? Anyone out there with a straight hair sombre?? Please tell me how it looks!

I will try to to take a before and after so you all can see how it works on me!



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  1. I love that look so much! I wanted to tell you I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can read more about it here:



    1. Well thank you dear, you made my week :) xoxo

  2. I've always loved the ombre hair look, but I'm liking this sombre even more. I think it could still work well with straight hair! There's a picture at the end of this article/post where the girl has super straight hair and it still looks good:

    1. That picture gives me hope!! Thank you! xoxo