My Lineup Of Leave-Ins

So I mentioned in another recent post that I use a ridiculous amount of leave-in products in my hair. It took some serious trial and error because my hair is straight, fine and easily weighed down. It's also prone to being oily and so finding products that make my hair magically soft without the extra weight or oil was awesome! So here they are, my (all drugstore!) hair care stars!

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My best friends!

1. It's a 10:* There are a million reviews on this product so I will spare my breath and simply say that the hype is all pretty true but.... since I don't heat style my hair I can't speak to the protective benefits and I also think that since my hair is so healthy, I do just fine with MUCH less expensive products. This is still a solid, can't go wrong addition to anyone's hair care routine.

2. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream:* The longest name for a product ever, this is one I feel both proud and embarrassed of. I have been using this since high school and the packaging is pretty garish in terms of appearance but actually works well because you can squeeze out however much you'd like. I use a lot of this and it lasts forever. It's also my most repurchased product for hair care. Leaves my hair soft, shiny, and smells sooooo good. I almost always use this over any other. Oh, and it's 3 DOLLARS.

3. Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Shimmering Spray:* I posted about this last week so I'll refer you here, but I always use this spray on top of whatever leave-in I choose. It's an obsession!

4. Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco:* I like this product a good bit. It's actually my preferred leave-in for more humid days because I find it to the most weightless of the bunch but still adds some frizz control and shine. All around a solid choice.

What do you all use??




  1. Nice picks! The Argan Oil sounds especially nourishing and lovely :)


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