My Favorite Essie Nail Polish

Fun fact, I wasn't really into nail polish until about six months ago. I'm not really sure why, it just wasn't really on my radar. My nails are really terrible too, they are brittle and they peel often. It takes a lot of work to get them to grow out even a little past my fingertips. However, now that I'm in nursing school and were constantly all washing our hands (which is great!) my nails got even worse. I decided I needed to care for them more and so I purchased "Mademoiselle" by Essie. Our guidelines are to wear only light pink or nude nail polishes in clinical so most of the time I wear those colors.

"Mademoiselle" is a nice color but I find it too frustrating to use regularly. It takes me about 3 coats to get any color and since I am terribly impatient, I never wait long enough for the coats to dry, effectively, essentially ruining my manicure 10 minutes after it's applied.

Enter Essie's "Ladylike". I don't know what it is about this color but I think it's just so classy! It gives me color, but is not so obvious that my professors yell at me ;) It's also perfect coverage with two coats and I find it very long lasting with a top coat.

On the topic of top coats, I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat * for a while but I have a terrible habit of picking at my nails and this fused everything into one layer which I could too easily peel off.... I know it's not really a problem with the top coat but I switched to Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri *, which I find just a little more long lasting and difficult to peel off whenever I'm bored or nervous.

Am I the only one with this awful habit!?



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