My most used makeup brushes

When I first started really getting into makeup, it felt overwhelming to pick a makeup brush... I know it sounds crazy but I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials and everyone kept recommending really expensive brushes. As previously stated, I'm a student and so if I can save some money on brushes but still achieve a flawless look, I will! First off, organizing your brushes can be a real pain.... after much trial and error I found that the easiest way to store them was upright in some cute mugs.
These mugs are from T.J. Maxx and Ross- cheap and cute!

As you can see, I have quite a few brushes but considering how much makeup I have, I think it's shocking that I don't have more! Now onto a breakdown of what I work with...

It goes without saying that just about everyone knows now that Real Techniques brushes are the best bang for your buck. Designed by Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo on YouTube), they are without a doubt the most professional-looking brushes for a drugstore price point.  I personally use at least three of these brushes every single day and whenever I use them on my friends, they always comment on how soft they are. An extra bonus for me is how easy they are to clean, the metal carries so far up the shaft that I don't have to worry about water getting into the seal and breaking down the glue! Score! I have the Real Techniques core collection set * and the starter set. * 
Look how cute!

And may I throw in my latest love from Real Techniques, their * miracle complexion sponge! I have never owned or used a beauty blender but this little guy is wonderful!

so cute right??
After Real Techniques, I get the most use out of my Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target. I usually wait until one of the brush collectionsgoes on sale. They usually release these around holidays or seasonally and if you're very patient, you can get anywhere from 6-10 brushes for around $15.00 or even less! A few of my favorites are below...

This random guy is a Mirabella brush that I got in an Ipsy bag and I use it every day for adding color to my crease and outer V! I want to get some more but these brushes are super expensive, at least to me....* crying inside*
So sleek right?!

I have some E.L.F. brushes too and those are nice but I honestly don't use them enough to justify posting about them, HOWEVER if you are on a very, very tight budget, go get them! They are actually pretty amazing and no brand can match that price point. I used them without any issues until I purchased these and if they do fall apart a little sooner, it's not such a big deal as they are so inexpensive to replace. You literally cannot go wrong here.

And don't forget that the cheapest and most reliable/versatile tools are attached to your hands! So if all else fails or you forget a brush, use your fingers! *might be tricky with eyeliners...



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  1. I haven't tried any RT brushes yet but I've heard amazing things! Great post :)

    P.S. I'm your first Pinterest follower!

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    1. They are great brushes you should totally try a couple! And thanks for following me! Eternal gratitude and sunshine your way! Mwah! xoxoxo

  2. I love my Real Techniques brushes! So, so, SO affordable and lovely. Cute blog!

    1. Soooo worth the money!! And thanks it's my little work in progress! Mwah!! xoxo