Stila "In The Light"

Confession time, remember how I said in a previous post that I often fill my shopping cart with items that I never actually purchase? Well I did that with the Stila In The Light Palette... * for two years. Yep, it took me two years to pull the trigger on this palette.
So pretty....

It wasn't that I didn't think I wanted it or that I wouldn't use it. I had been researching this baby that whole time (yes, it's nerdy) and I know I needed it. But for whatever reason, I couldn't seem to click "place order". About two months ago, Stila ran a sale on this palette and I finally purchased it for about $20, a little more with shipping and tax. I've been playing around with it since and I have a few thoughts....

1. This is similar to both the Urban Decay Naked and the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes. I think the major advantage to this palette is that even though it contains similar shades, they are all together in one palette, which would make it ideal for traveling or simply for use on a morning where you don't have time to put together a look from multiple palettes.
 (insert swatch of some of the colors side by side)

2. The pigmentation and blendability of the shadows is truly lovely. I find that it's truly difficult to make a mistake or use too much shadow because it's just so easy to blend everything out. Multiple times I have grabbed too much of a darker shadow and thought "oh no, I ruined my eye makeup" BUT if you are patient and continue to blend, it always ends up softening out enough to save the look. I don't find that I can do that with my Urban Decay shadows and I think the difference is that the Stila shadows have a little more fallout, which ends up working with you if tons of blending is required. So this is probably the only time I'll endorse eye shadows  with fallout!

3. The packaging is not my favorite. I still think the quality of the shadows is worth the purchase for sure, but I think a brand like Urban Decay or Tarte does a better job with making their palettes look and feel expensive too by using nicer quality materials.

Here are some swatches!

Does anyone else have this palette? Is it love too?



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